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Recent diagnosis of Alzheimer's

I was recently diagnosed with alzheimers. I read my in-depth cognitive study and was told I have a strong cognitive reserve thus I mask my cognitive deficts. I live alone, drive and do everything. It is depressing to observe areas in myself where there is decline. I am at level four on a scale of seven in the diagnosis of alzheimers disease. I at this point cognizant of my specific areas of memory loss. I would appreciate comments on this.

  1. Thank you for sharing how you are doing. I am sorry for your memory loss and its effect on you. What is a cognitive reserve? How does the mask other areas? Scott Team Member

    1. Cognitive reserve is the abilities built up over a lifetime that can compensate for or in areas of memory decline. Using a different route to get to the same place. This can mask memory deficts. As the disease progresses cognitive reserve decreases and disease symptoms increase.

      1. Ok, that makes sense. Thank you for sharing that explanation. It helps to understand. Scott Team Member

      1. thank you for your vulnerability in sharing about your recent diagnosis. I love that you are continuing to keep your mind active through various cognitive tasks.
        I have a background in Occupational Therapy. I saw that you posted that you have purchased some Neuro cognitive tests, that you could self administer. I think that is great!!! Which Neuro cognitive tests are you using?
        I am attaching some articles I wrote on Occupational Therapy's potential role on your treatment team. Hope you find the articles helpful.
        Also, I just wanted to say that I love your plants. I too, love my plants!!! Thanks for sharing that picture.
        Appreciate you being part of our community.
        Just Keep Swimming....Lynn Marie, " Team Member"

      2. Beautiful. You must have a green thumb. Scott Team Member

    2. Hello! Thank you for sharing your recent diagnosis with us. You are still in a good place if you are able to understand the medical report. You sound like you are also very resilient and coping well at the moment. I can understand that you are feeling depressed when you see where your memory is not as good as it was. What strategies have you put in place to help deal with your memory loss? Writing more things down? Asking for help when needed? here is an article that you might find helpful.

      Please know your online community is here to support you. I'm so glad you have connected with us. Shelley, community moderator

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