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For those of you who have been more recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's, please tell us how you are doing.

You are not alone. Come join the conversation about anything that you want to discuss.

  1. My sister was diagnosed with early onset A.D. almost 2 years ago, they said she was about five years along maybe. She still recognizes us. She is starting to be more quiet. My mother and I try to keep her happy and upbeat. She can’t read or write anymore, or do simple tasks, following instructions, etc. I want to help her anyway I can. I keep trying to find things to read and learn more about what is going on, but it seems like there are so many ads. I would like someone to talk to, my mother really doesn’t like to speak about it. I guess she wants to pretend everything is fine. Thank you for listening, I hope I don’t lose this website. Laura

    1. Hi , AngelSense offers a GPS tracking watch that you can track her without her having to do anything. There are also various tracking watches for seniors at lower costs. If she is resistant to wearing a watch, maybe the GPS tracking tags, some can be tucked in a seam, or stuck on her must-have accessory. Not sure if those would be helpful, but I saw your post and thought I'd mention them. - Warmly, Donna (team member)

    2. thank you. I wasn’t aware.

  2. There are times when my wife gets worked up and is seeing things that i now know not to try 2 try 2 correct her or tell her how it really is as..First off she will not believe me..Secondly it upsets her and usually brings on more frustration escalation of anger...I have learned 2 just calmly smile and say something like " I understand " as convinceing as I possibly can...The less stress I show the less stress she seems 2 experience...

    1. I think this is a wise way to handle this. I try not to needlessly upset or confuse my loved one by correcting her. It took a while to learn to do this. At first, I wanted to set things straight but it's only frustrating. Did you always handle it this way or did you correct her at first? Scott Team Member

    2. I think you're right. You are loving her and comforting her. Correcting her does't help, it seems, so don't. Just reassure her that you've got her. You're there. That's what she needs. It's a feelings conversation, not a facts conversation. Hallucinations are common. It must be very disconcerting to you. I'm sorry.Blessings, Kathy M team member.

  3. I just contiue 2 hope 4 a cure..i have quit praying 4 1...tonight my wife got relief by dancing 2 music such as Alan Jacksons " goodtime"..Michael Jacksons " billie jean..prince' s little red corvette ?" Seems anything with a beat makes her feel good..( she is quite a good dancer ) Those few moments all is well...I wish they could last forever...

    1. Thank you for sharing those precious memories with us. Music just speaks to so many. Scott Team Member

    2. , Sending (((hugs))), love and light. Those are beautiful memories <3 - Warmly, Donna (team member)

  4. getting by. hard to adjust to the changes in my life. My brain no longer serves me, instead I feel like I'm serving it so to speak. The loss of my creative abilities is hard to take. A craftsperson my whole life... from theatre work to jewelry design

    1. , I feel how that loss affects you. Do you engage in anything creative? There can still be joy in creation. Did you do set or costume design in the past? Maybe working in miniature could be something you enjoy. - Warmly, Donna (team member)

    2. I have not been diagnosed yet, however I feel something is happening. I can't think when I get stressed. What was your first symptoms?

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