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Agitation: What are your go-to strategies when calming a loved one's agitation?

Alzheimer's disease can be incredibly frustrating - not only for the people around them, like family and friends, trying to adjust to this new reality, but also for the person! Someone recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease is going to have to make concessions as their condition progresses, but it's easier said than done...

What are some tried and true tactics that help you calm and redirect a loved one when they are agitated or frustrated?

Once you've shared your knowledge, feel free to check out this article on the same topic!

  1. Since I started giving my mom fish oil she is a lot less agitated.

    1. Hi @Debb, that's interesting, thank you for sharing! -Warmly, Donna (team member)

    2. I give my mom fish oil. Mainly because it’s good for the brain. I’m happy for the bonus!

  2. We are using Zoloft for my mom and that has made a world of difference so far. We also give her CBD gummies to help with anxiety.

    1. were the gummies prescribed/suggested by her doctor? How was that conversation? Kathy M team member.

    2. The doctor did not prescribe the gummies, we just gave those on our own. Most doctors don't really deal with CBD.

  3. I also got her Vitamin D level up, (she was really deficient). And I give her a lot of blueberries and chard.

    1. I just ran across your post. Vitamin D really is so vital. I have attached an article recently written by our editorial team on Vitamin D and dark leafy greens with Alzheimers Disease Blueberries are so great in so many ways too. They have been linked to protecting against neurocognitive decline.
      Anyway, I hope you find the article helpful. Just curious in how your mom's vitamin D level has been. Also, in an early post you mentioned it appeared as if the fish oil was helping your mom with the agitation. Has the fish oil continued to help your with her disease related agitation? Thank you for being part of our community.
      Just Keep Swimming...Lynn Marie, " Team Member"

    2. did the doctor do a blood test for Vit D deficiency or did you just start giving her OTC Vit D?
      Thank you

  4. My husband has been making a rum/coke about 5 pm daily for the past several weeks. He also makes me one which I am slowly pouring out. but I have to pick my moments. On a "good" day he is agitated. He wears me down when he directs his anger/frustration at me. He is 68 and I am 70. He is early stage. I try sometimes to encourage him to take a gummy. This is a difficult journey already and we are supposedly early stage.

    1. I think trying to stay positive is a good thing and feels like it’s moving forward. You are allowed to “ramble” and it’s not really rambling. It’s expressing yourself, which we all need. Have a great day! Scott Team Member

    2. there are things someone out of town can do to help in the caregiving. They can call and write letters or send postcards. They can make appointments and call for test results and Rx refills if they are on the Hipaa list. They can order groceries and meals online. Book maid service. Anything that can be done online or by phone, they can do. Digital calendars can be shared, so appointments don’t conflict. These are just a few ideas. Any others? Blessings, Kathy M team member.

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