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How do you help a loved one who is experiencing sundowning?

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    I would recommend utilizing a great resource we have on the site for this question. I'll provide a link here: It is centered around tips specifcally for caregivers but also relevant for a loved one or person with Alzheimer's as well.

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    1. I make a snack about an hour before the symptoms usually show up, like apple slices and peanutbutter or cheese and crackers. It seems to help. When my LO asks where did everyone go or where's my mom, I usually say oh excuse me, and go into the bathroom for a few minutes. Then I come out and change the subject, to redirect. I don't like making up stories and try to avoid disagreeing. Sometimes I just say everybody is in their own house and leave it at that.

      1. Thank you for your response and sharing how you handle these particular situations. Does redirecting work most of the time? Scott Team Member

    2. Yes, particularly if I ask for help such as set the table or dry dishes.

      1. We try to engage my mother in law the same way with simple tasks, low expectations, and high praises. It seems to help. Scott Team Member

    3. When my mom struggles, I give her melatonin before bed. First, though, I consulted her doctor. I also make sure she hasn’t had a nap earlier. I may have to wake her up earlier the morning after a restless night. Maybe I’ll take her shopping to wear her out, then not let her nap. She will sleep better after that, if she’s not over tired. That can also contribute to not sleeping. It’s a viscous cycle that takes some work to break. It’s not in the moment that it can be “fixed.” Try something different the next few days to get back on track. Blessings, Kathy M team member.

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