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'Tis the Season: Surviving the Holidays As A Caregiver

I love the holiday season. Christmas was celebrated big in my family growing up, and my mom and I had a tradition of decorating the tree together and setting up the Christmas village with the puffy fake snow.

Now that Mom has Alzheimer's, the holiday season has changed. Large crowds of people, noise, and chaos in the kitchen is overwhelming to her. We have learned to think carefully about what to include her in and also how to make it more manageable to her.

Lauren shares some really good tips about managing expectations and taking care of your emotional health:

And I share more ways caregivers can still include loved ones in the season but in a dementia-friendly way:

How has your experience around the holidays been with your loved one?

Give us your own expertise about how to make it easier for us caregivers, or feel free to vent or share a funny story in the comments below.

We'll get through this season and it won't always be like this! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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