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Is anyone dealing with a loved one in the early/moderate stages?

One thing I remember is my mom says she will never forget me. She says she is happy to hear my voice. My mom sometimes forgets where she is. I tell her to look at the pictures. It's her room. That seems to help. But I know the end stages will prove her wrong in remembering me and my sister. I dread the day she is bedridden and unable to talk, let alone eat and drink. I pray peace will will prevent her from suffering from the end stage. Her short term memory isn't that good, but has an excellent long term memory. I can only phone her because her assisted living is under lock down. I haven't seen her in a year and 3 months. I get depressed the day I usually visit her and hope she won't get worse by the time I do get to visit her. Right now she sleeps a lot during the day and gets insomnia at night.

  1. My heart goes out to you and your mom. I am so sorry that she is suffering with this devastating disease and you are unable to visit with her right now. I hope you will be reunited with your mom very soon! I am glad to hear that your mom is happy to hear your voice when you talk on the phone. I hope that brings you both some comfort. Great idea to tell your mom to look at all the pictures in her room to help her feel more comfortable. This does get so difficult as the disease progresses sadly. I believe that somewhere deep inside, our loved ones remember us. My mom seemed to be comforted by hearing my voice. My dad would sit for hours by her bedside holding her hand talking softly to her. I think mom knew who we were on some deeper level. I believe your mom will "remember" you. You will remember her and keep those memories in your heart. That is where my mom is now, in our hearts. Your mom is truly blessed to have you to love her and to care about her on this difficult journey. Please know that our community is here to support you. Warmly, Pam-Community Moderator

    1. Thanks Pam 😀

      1. I feel your pain , I seem to get obsessed with what stage or phase my mom is in that I forget that everyone's journey is different they tell me. I am having a hard time with that because I am a factual person that needs order and it seems this disease is far from that. I need to remember what you said , that the end of disease is her death so I need to enjoy each day before she is completely gone.....I've been through a lot in my life but this is the hardest and most emotional draining thing I've ever been through , being the caretaker is rough...but she is my mom and I am trying to give back for all the years that she raised me , but to be honest I'm so tired.

        1. , I'm so sorry to hear that you are walking along this journey with your mom. It is such a heartbreaking and challenging one. It is okay to want to focus in on the stages and where she currently maybe. I think many of us rely on factual information to help prepare us through this path. I'm sharing an article about the stages of Alzheimer's disease and I hope you find it helpful. Being a caretaker is a lot of hard work. I am sure that your mom is so grateful for everything you are doing for her. I thank you for caring for her. We are here for you. Thinking of you. Blessings and Peace, Kristin Martin, Community Moderator

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