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Medical Issues

I don't know if anyone can help. But it can't hurt to try. My Uncle has alzheimers and up until 3 weeks ago he was functioning showering dressing feeding himself, walking around the neighborhood daily, having conversations. He started having stroke like symptoms,, went to hospital and stopped responding. Similar event happened 4 years ago but they found signs of infection. He recovered from this and had been ok (slow progression in the Alzheimers). Now they are not finding anything wrong.They have ran all kinds of tests. Mri showed small increase in size where the alzheimers is in the brain. He won't wake up enough to eat he did develop some lung congestion, which seems to be better now. He knows when we are there and attempts to open his eyes , there have been nights where they have been open most of the time we visit. Has anyone experienced similar events any ideas what this could be? It has been three weeks since we heard his voice, I am feeling desperate.

  1. Hi ,
    Thanks for reaching out - this is indeed an odd situation you and your family are dealing with currently. While we cannot provide medical advice, I would maybe suggest garnering a second opinion from a neurologist familiar with Alzheimer's, if you haven't already. I'm not sure how the doctor measured where Alzheimer's is in the brain because the plaques and tangles cannot be detected through scans. MRIs are used more to measure brain activity. What I can tell you is that sleeping a lot is pretty common, you can read more about it here:
    It sounds like it may be time to get another specialist involved, maybe someone familiar with the blood-brain barrier/vascular system of the brain. What stage has his Alzheimer's been classified as? I hope this helps!
    Warmly, Amanda ( Team Member)

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