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Tell Us About Your Pet

Pets can have such an impact on our lives. They can help us feel not so alone during periods of isolation. They're our support system. They can help us manage our stress and anxiety. Simply enough, pets are our best friends!

Tell us about your pet and how they help you cope!

  1. Our family has a little dog named Schnuggles, he is a schnoodle (a schnauzer and poodle mix) and is little with white curly hair! We also have a chocolate lab named Milan who is always looking for treats! When you get home from work they jump up and down excitedly to welcome you! If you are feeling sad they will cuddle next to you on the couch and give you kisses. If you are feeling nervous or anxious they will go for a long walk with you to calm your nerves. We love our dogs! Warmly, Pam

    1. When my daughter comes to visit she brings her 11 month old kitten with her that she adopted as a very young kitten. We love it when the cat is here. She’s funny, and loving but also has that little bit of brat in her too! This cat has brought so much joy to our daughter after she had a very rough 18 months of health issues. If it wasn’t for that cat, I’m sure my daughters emotional recovery would have taken a whole lot longer. Because of this kitten, my husband and I decided we are going to adopt a kitten this summer. I pretty much have to now... to make it easy on my daughter, I bought a few things, so our daughter didn’t have to bring everything with her. I now have a cat bed, cat box, cat litter, cat food, cat kibble, cat toys, a cat play cube, a cat collar, a cat brush...and no cat. Lol. We could use a kitten/cat for that added bit of humour and emotional love!

      1. My dog Sadee is a wonderful companion. She is always so happy to see me. Petting her and scratching her ears and belly is calming and relaxing. She brings such love and joy to our household. I have trained her to "Bring Me Home," in case I get lost during our walks.

        1. @andree, I'm so thankful you have your dog, Sadee. She sounds like such a wonderful dog. I'm so grateful that you are thinking ahead and have trained her to "Bring Me Home." That was such a smart idea. Thank you for sharing. Blessings and Peace, Kristin Martin, Community Moderator

        2. There are some good aspects about being diagnosed early. One of them is still being able to prepare for what might come.

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