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Have you been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease? What do you wish your family and friends understood about the disease?

Dementia can make everyday tasks and communication challenging for the person living with the disease and their loved ones. For our community members diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, what are some things you wish your friends and family knew about?

  1. The disease progresses faster, we found out in 2020 that my husband had Alzheimer's, he started hospice yesterday. They still need friends to come around. They need family to show up. People need to know they are still alive and they need compassion.

    1. im so sorry this is happening to you. some family members can be xxx.

    2. How are you holding up? Scott team member

  2. I really don't know, you wake up and hope it's a good day.

    1. Hi , it is certainly a process. Your grief never really does away. You just find ways to manage. I'm hoping the good days are more and more for you in due time! Sending you hugs - Amanda, Team Member

  3. Don't assume the caregiver will ask for help. Show up. He has a disease treat him like he does. He's not stupid. Be gentle with both of us. If we can't show up for an event don't make me feel guilty. I wanted to be there. I promise you that vitamin you heard about will not reverse the disease.

    1. thank you for being here and for sharing. My father had Alzheimer's, and I was one of one of his caregivers. I recall how he responded well to the gentleness of someone's demeanor and voice. This set his mood for more positive and pleasant interactions and behavior. I recall rearranging events and even canceling appointments. When I confirmed something, I made sure that others would please lend their understanding if we could not attend an appointment or were running late. I always followed the golden rule when caring for my father, even if some days were more challenging. "Treat others the way you want to be treated." Respect and dignity always stay in style. Respectfully, Nancy Team member

  4. thank you for reaching out. Both of my parents had the Alzheimer's diagnosis. The diagnosis is difficult for the person diagnosed and their loved ones. We see how our loved one's are treated. Also, quite honestly we as caregivers feel the isolation. So many times family and friends just didn't reach out to me, to ask if I needed help. I saw changes in how my family and society in general; treated my parents, post diagnosis. I really could relate to what you wrote in your post.
    I wrote an article on this topic and about treating our loved ones with dignity. I have attached the article link below. I hope you find it helpful. Please continue to reach out. You are in a community of people, who just get it. Just Keep Swimming...Lynn Marie, " Team Member".

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