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What do you fear most when it comes to Alzheimer's disease?

An Alzheimer's diagnosis can be overwhelming - not only for the person but for family and friends.

Our community shared their insight on what they worry about the most when it comes to Alzheimer's disease; how do you relate? What preoccupies your mind when you think about Alzheimer's disease?

  1. Hi, my mother started showing signs of alzheimers late 2019 but we were all unaware of it until she started accusing her sister of things that didn't exist. It went on to her not properly dressing herself , like wearing one sock . We were all unaware of this situation because she was living alone but sometimes her younger sister would check up on her , I had to go to university and my sister was working far from home so she decided to live closer to work... therefore my mother was left all alone. Since I was born she was a quiet person, never really had much to say around people. She was more open to me than anyone else because when I was in high school , we lived together. Mid 2020 her older sister decided to live with her in her own home but she only got worse. Most of the time I didn't know what was happening because my sister kept things away from me and when I found out from other people , she would tell me that she didn't want to stress me since I have to focus on school. Corona came and I had to go home, my mother was brought home and I had to take care of her . That was the beginning of a very painful and confusing journey for me. I didn't know where to even start bathing my mother. I was over 18 but didn't imagine in my early 20's I'd be taking care of my mother. I learnt how to help her because at that time we didn't know what was going on and as grown ups are they believed it was witchcraft because we had no knowledge about alzheimer. There were pills given to her which seemed to be making things worse and It broke my heart seeing that she was on medication but nothing changed. It got worse everyday . Until this year where her sister felt that she was tired as she's also old. So no one could take care of my mom .. there was no other choice but to take her to some sort of a nursery home. It was hard for me yet no one ever really talks to me about it , asks me if I'm coping or something. I fear ending up in her situation because of the depression I have. I basically live in fear of losing her and myself. I pray everyday but no answers. I have accepted though it was had , during holidays she was fetched from the home and brought home to us. I had fun being with her. She likes music, dancing and cuddling every morning cuz I sleep with her . She's my whole world, yes it's hard not being able to communicate with her everyday like we used to but I promised myself to make every moment count.

    1. Thank you so much for your vulnerability and for sharing your story with us. This is so much for anyone to deal with, but I know that it can feel particularly overwhelming when you are young and feeling so alone. Although a difficult decision, it sounds like moving your mom into a facility was the right decision for you. It is important that both you and your mom receive the care and attention that you need. Our community is here to support you, whether that be to answer questions that you might have to just to lend an ear or a virtual hug. Warmly, Patty (Team Member)

  2. I worry about getting it myself. Kathy M team member.

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