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Coping With Early-Stage and Early-Onset Alzheimer's

Last updated: February 2023

The early stages of Alzheimer's are unique – you or your loved one probably still have a grounded sense of independence. You are still able to manage day-to-day tasks with little to no help, but you know that will inevitably change. And we are here to tell you, that is okay. The change will happen, and your symptoms eventually will progress and worsen. But that day is not today.

Today, you have the time and the capacity to continue to enjoy your life the way you want to. Still hesitant? That's understandable. Take a look at some of the real voices representing early-stage and early-onset Alzheimer's in this community.

But first, the facts

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's start with some background about early-onset Alzheimer's. While we are at it, let's also get clear on the difference between early-onset and early-stage Alzheimer's. You know what they say – knowledge is power.

What Is Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease?What Are the Early Stage Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease?

Coping with early-onset and early-stage Alzheimer's

We want everyone to be able to put their best foot forward, and that includes having all the right tools to do so. Check out these articles to inform and support you and your loved ones through the years.

Coping Caregiver Tips: Early-Onset Alzheimer's DiagnosisCoping With Early Stage Alzheimer'sNavigating the Paperwork for Dementia

Different strokes for different folks

Everyone will experience Alzheimer's differently, whether they are living with the disease or caring for someone who is. These inspirational people share details about their experience with early-onset Alzheimer's and how they and their families manage it.

Interview With Nia: Living With Early-Onset Alzheimer's DiseaseIronman Dan: Battling Early-Onset Alzheimer'sInterview With Steven Barbieri: Diagnosed With Early-Onset Dementia at 51

Shift your perspective

While living with Alzheimer's, these folks are still making the most of their lives and tackling each day one at a time.

Andrea Gallant: Being a Dog Mom With Early-Onset Alzheimer's DiseaseWhat I Learned From My Alzheimer's DiagnosisRunning With Cat: A Journey With Early-Onset Alzheimer's

Living with Alzheimer's

While Alzheimer's can feel extremely isolating, it does not need to be. The Alzheimer's community is bigger and more vibrant than it has ever been before. Breaking down these barriers and understanding how those living with Alzheimer's change through the years helps us meet them where they are.

Join the movement. Explore and share more about your journey here.

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